The Michael Hoppin gallery is exhibiting some interesting work by Manuel Franquelo titled “Things in a room”.

When viewed on line these images appear Meh! at least in my mind but when I happened by and decided to visit the exhibition they made more of an impact on me.

These images are printed in 1 to 1 or larger.

The curtains are to me the most impressive measuring a good twenty feet by ten feet.

Just goes to show, size does matter.


Adobe Lightroom 6/CC Video book Training for Photographers

This is a wonderful guide to adobes Lightroom 6/cc of 300 illustrated pages written by Chelsea and Tony Northrup and Published by Mason press of CT USA.

You can order it in hard copy or, as I did; download it in PDF format.

You also get access to 14+ hours of video on their web site at

Photoshop CC essentials for Photographers

This book is written by Chelsea and Tony Northrup and published by Mason Press in CT USA.

It’s a basic illustrated user guide of 304 pages which comes with ten hours of video tutorials via their web site.

The book also comes with free updates as Adobe does updates to it’s program adding new features occasionaly.

It’s very easy to follow and written wonderfully in respect to a novice.

You can purchase a hard copy or as I did, in PDF format as a download from their web site