Assignment 5 – Photography is simple. – redone




This assignment must have had the shortest brief of all the assignments in this module.

Short however doesn’t mean simple, photography may be simple mechanically but ideas and how to portray them are not.

I decided for this assignment that I would go out at night, my favourite time in a city; and show different facets of night life.

I went out over two nights and used my 24-70 mm. and 70-200 mm. lenses both hand-held and wherever possible tripod mounted.

The majority were handheld and this drove the ISO high and therefore the noise.

In post processing I used median image stacking to reduce noise wherever I could and where the subject was animated I just toned down the noise with a little luminance adjustment.

See Tutor assessment at the link below.



There really isn’t much research needed for the idea I had you just need to participate i.e. go out very early and shoot.

You could say that I took on-board Henri Cartier Bresson’s statement that photography is luck and the quote attributed to the Roman philosopher Seneca, “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”.


Analysis and reflection:

For this assignment I wanted to show a progression of a night out on the town.

Believe it or not these images were taken after 1 a.m on Saturday and Sunday in Kensington and Hammersmith.

The image of the man in the bar was a nightmare of reflections and many different coloured lights both inside the bar and outside.

I wanted it to portray those still out partying and I think it does that.

It was also taken hand-held which required a high ISO and I was thankful for the 12 frames per second my camera can do as it enabled me to have a choice of expressions for my selected image.

My second image of the girls was tricky because if I got closer or more obvious they would stop what they were doing and look at me, this is not what I wanted so I walked away and used the building as partial cover.

They where using sign language to communicate and where resting in the middle part of a crossing.

I wanted this shot to show those that had been out all night but who were reluctant to let the night end.

I would’ve ideally liked to be a lot closer but didn’t have the time to chat and put them at ease with my presence.

I like the image of the office cleaner because it shows those who are still working.

The photograph of the interior of the phone box was an after thought, I was looking for an image to not only fit my narrative but one that showed a more seedy side of night life.

I remembered seeing some photo’s of the inside of telephone boxes showing these advertisements and this was the first one I opened.

It was outside the Natural history museum, it struck me that any child wanting to use a red telephone box in London might do so in such a place and that the owners of the box should’ve taken the time to remove them.

I took this shot one-handed whilst keeping the door open with my other, very awkward I must say.

The next two images are of a similar vein, what you should do and the consequence of not doing it.

I would’ve got closer to the Police van and in front of it but they waved me away.

Instead I took it from behind showing the inconvenience to other road users.

The image of the couple walking home is down a walk that I have shot many times but this is the first time I can remember seeing people using it.

I use this image to show people going home and like their body language and the rim lighting the street lights seem to give them.

The last three shot’s were taken in Fulham as I neared my home.

The milk had been dropped and left there for some one else to clear up, the trail of milk pointing off in the direction of the offender like an accusatory finger.

The motor scooter was definitely upright three hours earlier.

I can’t tell whether it was pushed over or hit by another vehicle but it does show the aftermath of a Saturday night.

I also would’ve preferred a front angle on this but I would’ve cast a shadow across it.

The image of the Fox needed a flash really.

The ISO I used  to get the image and the fact that fur looks bad when you use luminance to reduce noise means this image has to stay noisy but I really wanted a Fox in order to show the encroachment of nature on urban areas and these fellows only show up when it’s quiet and dark.

What  was it all  about ?

I have an affinity for night-time in the city.

I much prefer it over daytime because it’s quieter and generally there’s less interruption.

This assignment was a combination of exercise 1 – the square mile and exercise 4.3 – the beauty of artificial light and perhaps exercise 5.1 – outside looking in.

In this assignment I wanted to show a progression from activity to inactivity using a theme of a night on the town.

I tried to incorporate images of those having a good time, those who just wouldn’t let the night come to an end and those who have to put up with the whole process of a night on the town.

I not only wanted to show the revellers but also the worker bees, some whose job it is to serve you, some whose job it is to get you home and also those who are there to ensure your safety.

I also wanted to show the results of a night on the town with the images of the driver stopped by Police suspected of driving drunk.

The couple walking peacefully home shows how responsible and considerate adults behave, they are just as legless as the driver being pulled over but they haven’t inconvenienced or endangered others.

As a finale I wanted to show the aftermath, the rubbish and mess left behind by the inconsiderate and anti-social.

The milk and the scooter to me epitomise this aspect of a night on the town.

The final image, the Fox; reminds me of the TV series “life after man”.

This series shows what would happen to various man-made structures over time if humankind was to suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth.

This image of the Fox is my way of depicting the encroachment, or is it reclamation; of nature on urban areas.

For some reason they also want a link to exercise 5.2 here even though the two narratives are not the same.




Still out drinking.

Not wanting the night to end.

Those who are working.


By appointment.

Those who take you home.

Drunk driver pulled over.

Walking home.

Aftermath 1.

Aftermath 2.

Curious Fox.


Contact sheets:


I chose image 36 because it was well exposed, showed what I wanted to portray and had a better facial expression than the others.

I chose image ten because I caught him looking at me and also the pose of the barmaids.

I selected image 14 because of the position and body language of the couple plus the rim lighting on her coat.


I chose this image because it was tighter and more balanced.


I  chose this image because of the positioning of the signing girls hands.

I chose this picture because it showed how much inconvenience drunk drivers cause.

I picked this one because the eye’s were better than the others.

I chose this one because it was the clearest.

I selected  image 28 because it was sharper and a tighter image.





Take a series of 10 photographs of any subject of your own choosing.

Each photograph must be a unique view of the same subject; in other words, it must contain some ‘new information’ rather than repeat the information of the previous image.

Pay attention to the order of the series; if you’re submitting prints, number them on the back.

There should be a clear sense of development through the sequence.