Assignment 2 : Collecting

Brief :

Create a series of between six and ten photographs from one of the following options, or a subject of your own choosing:
• Crowds
• Views
• Heads
Use the exercises from Part Two as a starting point to test out combinations of focal length, aperture and viewpoint for the set.

Decide upon a single format, either vertical or horizontal.

You should keep to the same combination throughout to lend coherence
to the series.
• Crowds make a great subject for photography, not least because they are so contemporary.

A city rush hour is a good place to start but events also offer great
opportunities to photograph the crowd rather than the event.

The foreshortened perspective of the telephoto lens will compress a crowd, fitting more bodies into the frame, but it can also be used to pick out an individual person.

A wide-angle lens can capture dynamic shots from within the action.
• If you choose to make a collection of views you need to be prepared to do some walking so keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum – you’ll walk further and see more.

A tripod will be important to allow you to select a combination of
small aperture and slow shutter speed to ensure absolute sharpness throughout the frame.
The weather and time of day will be crucial, whether for urban or landscape views.
A wide-angle lens is the usual choice but Ansel Adams also used a medium telephoto to foreshorten the perspective, bringing the sky, distance and foreground closer together.
• Heads: Frame a ‘headshot’, cropping close around the head to avoid too much variety in the backgrounds.

The light will be paramount and a reflector is a useful tool (you
can ask the subject to hold it), throwing light up into the face, especially the eyes.
The classic headshot is buoyant but neutral which is quite difficult to achieve, but try to achieve a natural rather than an artificially posed look.

Introduction :

I mused over this Assignment for longer than it took to Photograph.
Do I do an assignment based on crowds, views and heads or do I step out onto a limb and try something different ?
Looking at collections I came across an article in the NY times about Henry Buhl and a collection of photographs he auctioned off in 2012, this was a collection of prints from such famous photographers as Stieglitz and Moholy-Nagy.
It consisted of nothing but hands.
“There are hands as gesture, hands as objects, hands as emotion,” said Denise Bethel, director of Sotheby’s photography department.
I didn’t want to copy others work and I wanted to tell a story but what ?
Today me and my friend went to the park, I to look for inspiration and he to burn through the last of a roll of 120 film.
The reactions of people in the park to his Large tripod and Bronica got me thinking, how many people outside the industry actually know how Photo’s used to be taken ?
So I decided to combine the hands theme and tell a story of what it used to take you to obtain an image.

Process :

I took several images hand-held of each major step of the process.
Using the widest aperture I could so as to try to isolate not just the subject, his hands; but I found I had to use various points of view to include just enough of the camera to tell the story.
A collection of images in sequence which I hoped would satisfy the brief and still be interesting and different.

Photograph’s :

55mm. f5.6 1/250th. sec. ISO 100

52mm. f5.6 1/200th. sec. ISO 100

52mm. f5.6 1/100th. sec. ISO 100

35mm. f4.5 1/500th. sec. ISO 100

36mm. f4.8 1/320th. sec. ISO 100

36mm. f4.8 1/60th. sec. ISO 100

36mm. f4.8 1/60th. sec. ISO 100

34mm. f4.5 1/400th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/200th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/250th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/320th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/400th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/200th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/200th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/200th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/200th. sec. ISO 100

55mm. f5.6 1/320th. sec. ISO 100

36mm. f4.8 1/320th. sec. ISO 100

50mm. f5.6 1/60th. sec. ISO 100

Built in flash.




Evaluation :

Overall the series achieved what I set out to do, a collection of hand Images that portrayed a story.
The various viewpoints were necessary to show the process of photography of yester year.
I am still plagued by this kit lens not giving a shallow enough depth of field in order to isolate my subject.
I may revisit this subject when I have a faster lens.


Reflection :

I think I satisfied the brief, it is a collection and the basic format was maintained throughout.
The subject matter would, I think be of interest to those whose only exposure to photography has been during the digital age.
The reaction of those around us was mainly of curiosity, children especially wondered what the big box was.
As for the assessment criteria I think I satisfied the technical and visual skills part.
I also believe I satisfied the quality of outcome, demonstration of creativity and the context sections.
Could I do better or improve, sure I can and will.
As always I view myself as a work in progress.


Author: ashley516543

Mature photography student living in London.

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