Research Point – Tony Ray Jones and Ansel Adams.

Brief :

Do your own research into some of the photographers mentioned in this project.
Look back at your personal archive of photography and try to find a photograph that could be used to illustrate one of the aesthetic codes discussed in Project 2.

Whether or not you had a similar idea when you took the photograph isn’t important; find a photo with a depth of field that ‘fits’ the code you’ve selected.

The ability of photographs to adapt to a range of usages is something we’ll return to later in the course.
Add the shot to your learning log and include a short caption describing how you’ve re-imagined your photograph.

Tony Ray Jones and Ansel Adams.

Of the Photographers mentioned in this section there are two that stick out to me.

Tony Ray Jones and Ansel Adams.

Tony Ray Jones was, in my mind; a social photo-journalist whose excellent series on the English at play is truly sublime.

The way he framed things to include multiple stories or themes in one image resonated with me, maybe because I grew up in the 60’s.

His colour work taken in America is also very good.

I can see why he is so influential.

At the dawn of this millennium the Oxford photographic archive sent out a photographer to mimic the work of one of their archives, same views etc. just a hundred years later on; a beautiful collection put side by side with the plate images in a calendar.

This is what needs to be done here with the English at play, it would be a worthy project and I might do it in slow time.

This image here of a man working reminded me of something.

A picture I took looking through the entrance to an Oxford college.

This to me has a similar feel to it, from the lighting to the subject.

Ansel Adams is one of those rare photographers that are so well-known that they don’t need an introduction.

Most famous for his work in Yosemite but also did some excellent portraits and architecture work.

I particularly like the following pictures.

Ansel Adams, US National Archive

Ansel Adams, Baton practice, Manzanar.

His series on Manzanar internment camp produced many wonderful images and proves to me how versatile Adams truly was.

You can see the influence of the F64 group in all his work as they’re mainly sharp throughout the image.


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